28 Feb

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Is There are Connection Between Spiritual Health and Physical Healing?

Sickness if often a results of an unhealthy spiritual or emotional condition. Our spiritual health as well as our physical health is affected by our fears, negative thoughts, anger, resentment, or abnormal amounts of stress. There are many ministers and alternative health experts who believe that the disease that people encounter today have their roots in spiritual health and well being. It is believed by many people today that there is indeed a link between physical illness and spiritual or emotional factors.

Healing of the body can be a result of a person taking care of his spiritual well being. You will feel great physically, if you feel great spiritually and emotionally. Illnesses can progress and last depending on the attitude that you have while you are experiencing the illness. Keeping our faith in God is still possible during our illnesses, and we can pray to God to help and guide us during this time of uncertainty so that we won’t be fearful.

Your spiritual health can be judged by no other than yourself. If you really want to know your spiritual health, it takes a careful self examination of your heart or mind if you have thoughts of anger, fear, anxiety, unwillingness to forgive, negativity or other emotions that is not good for your soul and it can also harm your body too. Each person has a predominant emotion that is the one that rules his mind and his life. Holding on to these toxic and negative emotions is exposing your body to become sick eventually. Ridding yourself of emotions that do not promote love, joy, peace, and faith in God will help promote physical health. These positive emotions come from the Spirit of God. Filling your heart with these fruits of the Spirit will greatly help you filter out the negative emotions that keep you physically unhealthy but it also opens the door to God’s healing light.

The only way to face problems head long is when you are maintaining good spiritual health. Keeping a great faith in God even when there is really no problem that you are facing will help you during the times when you are facing negative circumstances and your health is challenged.

Reading the Bible, praying, meditating, deep breathing, and others, help to foster spiritual health. If you do these activities constantly you will then become more spiritually or emotionally healthy. These practices have to be done regularly or daily, so that you can take away the negative emotions in your life. Reading the Bible helps us to focus on the love and faithfulness of God, which puts negative emotions out of your heart.

Don’t expect healing to be instantaneous even if you have the most positive attitude. If you are strong spiritually, you will be able to bear your sicknesses well.

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