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Chronic Back Pain and Fibromyalgia Symptoms and the Use of Medical Herbal Remedies

Over the past few years, the plant cannabis, which is as well known as marijuana has been a subject of great interest to many in the medical world. In fact, you will as well realize that there are those countries and states where the medical marijuana has already been availed for the treatment of certain medical conditions. Certainly for your information, the plant has indeed shown significant success and effectiveness as a pain reliever and this is a fact that has been well affirmed. Alongside the fact that cannabis has been long associated with the treatment and relief of cancer pain and the loss of desire for food, it is as well reckoned as a plant with qualities that will make it so promising for a relief of back pain, fibromyalgia and several other unending pains, all as a result of its numbing properties. Let us see some of the ways that the marijuana actually work to relieve pain.

The body has as well a cannabinoid receptor system just the same way that there is the opioid receptor system which allows the endorphins have their pleasant and pain relieving effects. Cannabinoids actually are of three kinds and these are the endocannabinoids which are made by the body, the phytocannabinoids which are made by the plants marijuana, and the synthetic cannabinoids which are from the labs. The phytocannabinoids in fact are existing in such huge numbers and all of the specific variants of the cannabinoids have their own qualities. However, for the sake of this assessment we will be particular with some few such as the tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, cannabidiol, CBD, and the beta-caryophyllene. THC is mainly regarded as the major psychoactive component in cannabis and is as well known for being a mild pain reliever. On the other hand, the CBD has shown a lot of effectiveness when it is used as a reliever of the effects such as spasms, inflammations, nausea and anxiety. The beta-caryophyllene component of the cannabinoids is however the one known to be the strongest of the anti-inflammatory properties and is majorly found in its highest concentrations in the cannabis essential oils.

What we have seen from the recent researches has actually shown that when one suffers from fibromyalgia always has the brain process the information on the pain way abnormally and or may be the case that there is an excessive signals of the pain sent to the brain. By increasing the amount of cannabinoids in the body, there will be an easy way for you to counter the pain of fibromyalgia.

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