24 Mar

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When is the Right Time to Call Pool Repair Services?

At first, it might seem like having a pool in your own backyard is nothing short of a dream come true. After all, who doesn’t want to have their own private oasis right within a stone’s throw? Well, as dreamy as it might be to be able to go on vacation to a tropical paradise whenever you feel like it, there’s a lot that goes into pool maintenance that you might not know at the start. Sadly, lots of first time pool owners fail at maintaining a pool because they don’t expect how hard it can be.

On the upside, there are a lot of reliable professional pool repair services that can get your busted pool back in working order in no time at all. Now, the only problem is understanding when it’s time to book an appointment for your pool. Learn when to call the pool repair service by checking your pool for these tell-tale signs of poor maintenance.

1. Poorly Performing Pump – Your pool pump is responsible for taking your water, filtering it, and returning it to the main pool. A pool’s pump is often the easiest to damage because it runs longer than any other part of the poo. At some point, any pool pump will require some maintenance. But if your pump hasn’t seen any professional maintenance in the past year, it’s probably time you called in a pool repair service. If you continue to refuse booking an appointment with a reputable pool repair service, you might find yourself staring at an even costlier expense.

2. Broken Pool Tiles – Pools often have tiled surfaces which hold well against water damage. But even if they’re pretty solid against moisture, tiles also have a lifespan and they may give in to water damage after a few years. With that, it’s ideal that you have your pool’s tiles checked and replaced in case you see any broken areas to avoid accidents and cuts. It becomes an even bigger problem when the tiles break so tremendously that they leak water to the pool’s foundation.

3. Poor Temperature Regulation – Pool water can be made even more relaxing when you have a water heater to regulate the temperature of your pool. In some cases, heaters can break down and stop working. Water damage is often the first culprit when a heater breaks or stops. Now, because heaters are electrically powered, this can pose a major safety risk. Make sure to call a professional at the first signs of this type of damage to prevent any major accidents.

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